Nenitus Lightbox

The Table or Light Box is a wonderful educational and playful resource with a light base that allows the child a multitude of possibilities such as experimentation and fostering creativity, using it for any type of game, with the light as the protagonist.

The Mesa Luz is a tool inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy and the pedagogy of light, an innovative and inspiring pedagogy for early childhood education that was the beginning of a movement towards a progressive and cooperative education.

The Reggio Emilia approach recognizes the child as the protagonist (first teacher) and with the capacity to build their learning if they have the tools and the right environment (third teacher) . Each child has great innate potential to learn, driven by their curiosity, motivation and imagination and guided by the teacher (second teacher).

In the Reggio Emilia method, the environment is full of the so-called “provocations”, which are those materials and tools used to attract the child’s attention and the child is encouraged to interact, experiment and play freely to reflect and draw your own conclusions.

This is where the light table and the materials presented with it take on special importance, since these are an excellent source of multisensory information. Light is an element present in nature and children are naturally attracted to it. This keeps the children focused and offers them the ideal stimulus to motivate the manipulation of the resources that we provide them and to participate in learning activities.

And what are the benefits of using the light table?

In addition to everything described above, the light table is directly associated with science, exploration and discovery , but offers many other possibilities such as sensory integration, concentration and attention , academic learning (reading-writing, mathematics, language, …). It also helps focus , because the light highlights the materials used in it which makes it make it a very attractive, even magical activity for the child. Finally, it can also be an activity to induce relaxation because the surrounding lights are off, facilitating a dim environment.

Can I use the light table at home?

In case you were wondering, light tables are not a unique resource for schools, but are a perfect complement to have at home, in an environment adapted for children or in a corner of the dining room. The participation of families is vital in the development of the child, so it is important to accompany them, offer them the opportunity to use the material and let them do it.
It is also a wonderful tool to work with children with ADHD and functional diversity and should of being essential to use in the classrooms of nursery schools and first cycle of primary education worldwide.

Where do I get my light table?

At Nenitus they are specialists in creating light tables of the highest quality, with a guarantee seal and CE (European certificate).

RGBW lights have the appropriate temperature 3,500K (the maximum allowed is 4,000K), a natural white with more than 50,000h of use, 8 different colors in rhythmics and 20 different colors in normal ones and their methacrylates are specific to Opal color and 5mm thick, totally safe for the little ones. The wood we work with is natural solid pine.

And now that you have decided to buy your table